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Department Values


The vision of the Blood Tribe Land Management Department is to continually improve, develop, implement and maintain an effective system of administrative service delivery that will ensure and facilitate sustainable land and resource use, occupancy and development of the Blood Reserve for the equitable benefit of present and future generations of Kainai (the Blood Tribe), in accordance with Kainaiysinni” (Appendix 1) and “The Declaration of the Blood Tribe Elders” (Appendix 2).


Blood Tribe Land Management (BTLM) is a department of the Blood Tribe Administration and operates under the authority of Blood Tribe Chief and Council and the philosophy and principles of “Kainaysinni” and the “Declaration of the Blood Tribe Elders”, to jointly administer and manage land use and occupancy of the Blood Reserve (#148 & #148A—Blood Timber Limit), in conjunction with Canada, based on the principles of sustainable development, for the use and benefit of current and future generations.

Values & Beliefs

We value and believe in:

  • Respecting Kainais’skahkoiyi and that it is sacred and provides for our creation and existence.
  • Our spiritual connection with Kainais’skahkoiyi and that it should be maintained and incorporated into land and resource use and administration, as appropriate.
  • Advocating for equitable opportunities and capacity building initiatives for Blood Tribe members, to use and benefit from Kainais’skahkoiyi.
  • Sharing.
  • Maintaining our traditional beliefs in practicing responsible stewardship of Kainais’skahkoiyi.
  • Integrating and practicing honesty, trustworthiness and teamwork within the workplace and in the delivery of public services.
  • Being ethically and socially responsible in the administration and management of Kainais’skahkoiyi.
  • Integrating traditional management methods with current scientific methods forthe betterment and sustainment of Kainais’skahkoiyi. 


We will:

  • Be responsible and accountable for our actions.
  • Conduct our actions and behavior in a professional manner.
  • Provide quality service to our people.
  • Ensure effective communication is maintained with the membership of the Blood Tribe and other departments and entities pertaining to the affairs of Kainais’skahkoiyi.
  • Provide land management information and services efficiently and cordially for the Blood Tribe membership using Blood Tribe technical/human resources.
  • Treat everyone with the utmost respect.
  • Facilitate the mediation of disputes related to land occupancy in a fair and equitable manner.
  • Ensure all aspects of the administration and management of Kainais’skahkoiyi reflect the true spirit of “Kainaysinni” and the “Declaration of the Blood Tribe Elders”.
  • Ensure the greater interest of the Blood Tribe is maintained in any significant decisions made that impact Kainais’skahkoiyi and the Blood Tribe membership.


The following goals that been developed for the BTLMD are based on the newly developed terms of reference and are general in nature.  The goals will serve to guide the BTLMD in its’ endeavors to effectively and sustainably administer and manage Kainais’skahkoiyi in a manner that will not compromise the integrity of its resources.  These goals should be reviewed periodically and consistently and amended, where appropriate, to accurately and specifically reflect the direction of the Department as determined by the current Administration and Chief and Council.

  1. To ensure the administrative structure and operations of the BTLMD are reflective of and consistent with the actual functions and services it provides.
  2. To ensure the BTLMD employs Blood Tribe members with the capacity to administer all areas of service delivery.
  3. To ensure the BTLMD keeps abreast of the latest developments in technology and employs this technology to enhance its day-to-day operations where feasible.
  4. To ensure the operations of the BTLMD are policy driven.
  5. To ensure adequate financial resources are procured annually to facilitate effective operations of the BTLMD, through appropriate and consistent operational planning.
  6. To continually seek and explore alternative sources of funding and/or technical support relevant to land and resource use, occupancy and development of the Blood Reserve.
  7. To protect the interests of the Blood Tribe by ensuring the practice of “due diligence” in all areas of the BTLMD and its administration.