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A/Management Development Corrdinator - Kansie Fox


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Environmental Protection

The function of the Environmental Protection Service Division is to assist the BTA in the joint (with Canada) development, clarification and implementation of an administrative system pertaining to sustainability and protection of the integrity, of the Blood Reserve environment and natural resources, by ensuring applicable Tribal, Provincial and Federal statutes and regulations are complied with, monitored, reported and ultimately enforced. The obligations of the Blood Tribe, as they relate to the environment, under the current Reserve Land & Environment Management Program (RLEMP) funding agreement (non-core FTA item) are to document and conduct preliminary field investigations relevant to environmental matters as they arise (inquiries, complaints, etc.) on the Blood Reserve. Upon completion of the documentation of appropriate environmental incidents, the Blood Tribe then forwards this information to the Alberta Regional Office of Indian & Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) to conduct appropriate follow-up. If the incident requires a field visit by INAC staff, the Blood Tribe provides field and technical support to assist as necessary. To summarize, the mandate for Environmental Protection on the Blood Reserve remains with Canada, with the Blood Tribe acting in a monitoring and liaison capacity and developing this area of resource management to begin negotiations with Canada to adequately address this fiduciary obligation.