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  Declaration of the Elders

Declaration of the Elders of Kainai

Whereas the Declaration of the First Nations, as adopted by the Chiefs of Canada, to which our Chief, Roy Fox, is a signatory, express the philosophy of the Elders of the Blood Indian Nation;
And whereas the Elders recognize that the Blood Indian Nation has always existed as a Nation from time immemorial;
And whereas the Elders recognize that the Blood Indians have always had control over its lands and over its religious, political, economic, and cultural destinies, including the right to establish laws and exercise jurisdiction over our territories and resources without interference;
And whereas the Elders recognize the trust held by our Chief and Council to protect our inherent rights given to us by our Creator for our children and for generations to come;
And whereas the Elders are desirous of ensuring that the Chief and Council of our Nation are responsible for and accountable to the membership of the Blood Indian Nation as represented by a responsible Indian Government;
Now therefore, the Elders of the Blood Indian Nation hereby declare that the leaders of our Nation ensure to its membership the following:
To ensure that the spirit and intent of Treaty #7 be fulfilled and protected, of which our ancestors were signatories.
 The protection and assertion of our inherent right to govern ourselves and the right to self-determination be maintained by codifying those traditional and customary values and beliefs as practiced by our people, who recognize the principle of the Supremacy of the Creator.
 To fulfill the obligations and responsibilities entrusted to the Chief and Council by the membership in working toward the best interests of the Blood Indian Nation.
To enhance the pursuit and retrieval of alienated rights and lands that rightfully belonged to our Nation and safeguard all rights and lands against present and future intrusion.
 To protect and maintain our aboriginal rights, and especially those aboriginal rights to our lands.