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Blood Tribe Land Management is a department of the Blood Tribe Administration and operates under the authority of Blood Tribe Chief and Council and the Governement of Canada to administer and manage land use and occupancy of the Blood Reserve (#148 & 148 A - Blood Tribe Timber Limit) in conjuction with the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) to ensure compliance with applicable legislation governing the use and dispostion of Blood Reserve land.

The Lands Department receives a portion of its funding from the Blood Tribe and the Government of Canada (Reserve Land & Environment Management Program). Other federal, provincial and municipal funds are provided to a lesser degree for Noxious Weed Suppression, forest management and casual and seasonal employment training intiatives.

Although the Lands Department is currently funded by INAC, negotiations are being undertaken to address the issue of inadequate funding and service delivery and to clarify the responsibilities of the Government of Canada and the Blood Tribe as they relate to management and use of lands.

It is anticipated that significant changes in the management and use of Blood Reserve lands will take place over the next few years as the Blood Tribe attempts to take a more active role to ensure responsible and sustainable use of their land.

The Land Manaagement Department intends to conduct meetings with the membership of the Blood Tribe as these changes occur to ensure our members are well informed of any changes that may directly affect them. For further information, please contact our office.